We help corporate and individual clients to correct their photographs or video. It includes editing, colour correction, white balance, contrast and so on. Shortly saying, bring pictures or video back to life again.


Image & Video Enhancement

How often it happens that pictures you took either with your DSL or Smartphone are not really what you expected? They might be dull, dark or colours are not right. The same comes with the video.
This is where we can help. We can make your pictures and video look better without overdoing. Just slightly improve colours, contrast, brightness and white balance. Enough to bring up more details to see the difference.


Property Photography

Pictures are very important when comes to sell your properties. The first impression may either encourage or discourage the potential buyer. Would you consider to visit a house or an apartment with dark pictures and distorted walls without seeing a few details?  Think about a travel. What is it that you check when searching for a place to stay? I`m sure that photographs play a major role in your decision. Hotels without room pictures? No…
In addition to pictures, we can make a slideshow and video “GoThrough”. Also, draw and make nice 2D/3D Floor Plan.

Product Photography

Product photography for your e-Commerce shop, catalogue, pamphlet, auctions and so on. The same as with property photography, it`s very important to show details of what you are selling. Good image with the ability to zoom in for better view gets you more sales and fewer questions asked.

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