About Us

Welcome to Aim Multimedia Studio

Professionals. Quality, Excellent Support, Timely Delivery and Competitive Prices
The company is registered at Chambers of Commerce (KvK) in Breda, the Netherlands

Who Am I

Costumer oriented individual with 14 years of experience working in Tokyo. Today I bring to you quality, excellent client`s service and support you deserve. 


My Mission

Make sure to accomplish every assignment according to customer`s needs, deliver on time and provide excellent ongoing service.


What I Do

Photography such as travel, individuals, groups, events and more. Video and Website Development based on WordPress like this one.  

My history

The beginning: January 2000 in Tokyo, Japan. I took first steps in unknown and totally different culturally environment. Through various work, adjustment to new culture and doing things differently I gained a lot of new experience. I worked mostly with inexperienced models either man or women, but also officials (Embassies, Governments, Chamber of Commerce ). Thanks to that I learned very important rules that are not always seeing in Europe.  One of them is client`s services, quick responses to inquiries (excellent communication) and timely service delivery.  Today, I work in Europe and in Japan on regular basis. I also serve Japanese who comes to Europe and Foreigners who comes to Japan.


Why choose me?

I put my afford on quality, not a quantity.  As example take a look at photographs on various travel websites.
Have you ever seen hotels with bad pictures? What is it that you also look at when searching for place to go for holidays? I`m sure that beside the price, quality photographs play big role in your decision.  

Customer Support  “the Japanese way”, the country with the best client services in the world. I know what it means, so many foreign residents in Japan. 

I rely on my skills. I listen what your needs are and then determine what is the best solution for you that I can help you with. Cooperation with you is highly recommended or rather necessity. 

Would you like to start a project with me?

Professional who make things happen to bring the right result to you.

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